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Our Portfolio

Past Creations

We have literally made hundreds of purses, handbags and satchels over the years. Our collection of purses to the right is only a small sampling of what has been created. Have a look through all the different designs. If your planning on ordering one, click here:

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Quality Zipper

A cool purse needs an equally cool zipper and handles. Each one has a colour co-ordinated zipper and handles. These handles are tough!

Nickel Plated Feet

There are nickel plated feet on the bottom of every purse so when you have one of those lapses in judgement and put your top quality purse down on some not so nice ground, the bottom won't be scuffed up.

Fully Lined

Every purse is fully lined with velour or crushed velvet, or other equally premium fabrics (no cheap nylon here).

Unique Designs

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