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Custom Designed Purses

Atomic Purse


Inspired by a groovy old TV set.
Measures 12” – 8” tapered width X 9” tall X 5” deep

Halfmoon Purse

1/2 Moon

The “original” wicked purse shape.
Measures 11” wide X7” tall X5” deep

Long Purse


The most popular Wicked Purse shape. – holds a standard bottle of wine (or vodka if you prefer).
Measures 16” wide X 8” tall X 5” deep

quad purse


A classic shape that never goes out of style.
Measures 11” wide X 7.5” tall X 5” deep

Mini Moon Purse

Mini Moon

A smaller version of the original 1/2 Moon.
Measures 9” wide X 6” tall X 4.5” deep

Sonic Purse


The larger bag that it seems every gal needs. –
also works great as a carry-on for the travelling gal. Measures 16” wide X 10.5” tall X 5” deep

Tall quad purse

Tall Quad

Our classic shape with a little extra room.
Measures 11.5” wide X 10.5” tall X 5” deep

Round purse


Often compared to a hat box, or bowling bag. – something a little different.
Measures 10.5” wide X 10” tall X 5” deep


Gym Bag

Gym Bag

Finally a gym bag that suits you instead of looking like it belongs in an ‘80s music video. Measures 22” wide X 12” tall X 8” deep **

Pack Sack

Back Pack

Modelled after our “Round” bag, but slightly larger. Comes with two adjustable straps. – Traditional back pack shapes are available on request. Measures 12.5” wide X 12.5” tall X 6” deep **

Laptop Case

Laptop Carry Case

By popular request. – Laptop bags can be ordered to your specifications for a comfortable fit with your computer, and accessories. **

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

There’s a little version of you coming along. Why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy some wickedness. – comes with two external bottle pockets, and a matching change pad. Measures 16” wide plus bottle pockets X 10.5” tall X 5” deep **


Standard Features

Wicked Purses have standard features that are built into every product we make. From the heavy duty color coded stitching to the equally cool and tough zippers and handles.

** Note: All back packs, gym bags, diaper bags, and laptop bags are hand made to order, so if ordering for presents please give at least 4 weeks notice.